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Poochie & Co. was inspired by my adorable Cavoodle, Honey. Along with changing my life in a million different ways, she instigated an unknown passion I had for dog accessories. As Honey was my first ever dog, I was enlightened into a whole different world. I began with creating an Instagram for her, where I was noticing a massive community of dog owners all over the world. My passion for taking photos of Honey, accessorising and sharing her special moments then spiralled into an addiction (as most dog mums/dads would know).

Then came Poochie & Co, which has been the craziest roller coaster that both Honey and I cannot wait to share with all the Poochie's and their pawrents. Our aim is to create quality and affordable products for all paws no matter what shape or size. As a small Australian owned business I am dedicated to providing a positive experience for everyone, which I know you are all going to PAWDORE! 


Thank you so much for the support and we hope you will join us on this very exciting journey!


Seren & Honey x





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